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Steps To Take When Upgrading To Your Next Home

  1. I will provide you with a complete appraisal on your current home.
    1. I come through to take a look at your home and ask questions (10-20 minutes)
    2. I return with the completed appraisal, then we can come up with a “game plan”.
  2. Now that you know what equity you have in your home, call a Mortgage Broker to get pre-approved. (I recommend Liz LaGasse, Owner of Expert Mortgage Co., 847-705-7500) There are a lot of programs to choose from, and intricate things to know, that will help your plan succeed. You need an experienced mortgage person.
  3. Now you have the important basic information to help you decide whether selling first and then buying, or buying first and then selling, works best for you. There are pros and cons to each. If you do not qualify for a mortgage without selling your home, it limits your choice, but there are things we can do, to help you get the home you want.
  4. We need to discuss your minimal criteria…no “wish list” – Why limit the possibilities? I will start emailing all current listings and any new listings that come on the market. If something really good comes on, I normally call with the information and to arrange an appointment. If you wait too long, you normally loose the home.
  5. When you find a home you like, and are considering making an offer, I will do an appraisal on the home under consideration to see
    1. If it is reasonably priced compared to previous sales in the area
    2. What the average days-on-the-market for the homes in the area, are.
  6. When we fill out the “Offer To Purchase”, there are things we can do to give you the best advantage.
  7. When we begin negotiations, we want to have a plan, and never start at your best price unless you are in a multiple offer situation. (I have a successful strategy for that!)
  8. After we have negotiated an offer which both parties have accepted, you need to choose a local real estate attorney (I have some ideal attorneys to suggest), and make arrangements to do a home inspection (I also have a recommendation). Both the attorney’s review and the home inspection are normally completed within 5 business days from contract acceptance.
  9. You need to make a formal application for a mortgage.

Time Frame: There are "normally” 30-60 days
between contract acceptance and closing.

"Leave It To Weaver!"

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